Sitters & Cake Smashes

Baby Mile Stone Session are a great way to document your baby's growth and changes. From newborn to their first birthday and everything in between.

What is a sitter session?

Sitter Sessions are for babies approximately 6-10 months old or when baby is sitting securely on their own and before they start to walk. The next best phase to photograph your baby is when they can sit up! If you have been considering a photography session for your little one, then a sitter sessions is something you should definitely do! For a successful sitter session its important that your baby can sit confidently but ideal not be on the move just yet!

Cake Smash Sessions!!!

What a huge and wonderful milestone. The cake smash session is a great way to document babies 1st birthday and celebrate with out all the birthday guest! Book your session early so that you get the date you want. My schedule fills up typically 2 months in advance so be mindful of the calendar. Some parents want their cake smash pictures ready for their child’s actual birthday to print out and display, and in that case, the session should be done at least 3 weeks before the event (sometimes more depending on the time of year).