Maternity Session~

Are you are expecting a new baby ? It’s an exciting time as you wait for your new little one to arrive. Time of joy, love and excitement which should be captured and recorded for years to come. Many women often regret missing out on their maternity portraits and not having these beautiful and precious images to remind them of the love and passion they had for their babies before their birth. A maternity portrait session is all about the excitement you and your partner feel for your growing baby and of course the growing bump! The maternity dedicated session is the best way to capture the images of your beautiful round belly and the emotions and feelings you and your partner have for your unborn baby. It is a great opportunity to capture the exciting moments of the final days of your pregnancy. Most sessions include your significant other and or siblings and as far as clothing goes there are typically several clothing changes that can take place which allows me to capture different looks to give you a variety in your gallery.

Thoughts: If you have to pick between a maternity session or a newborn session. I always advice moms to pick the newborn session.